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Reply To: Project + doubts



no problem
each TRX = 128kpbs
but you must add some high level signalling on top of that:
per group of 4 TRX full rate, add 64kbps. If the group does nto contain 4 TRX, then you must also count 64kbps.

for ex, one BTS with a total of 12 TRX = 8*128kbps + 3x64kbps

one BTS with a total of 13 TRX
8*128kbps + 4*64kbps

if a TRX is supposed to carry half rate, then it will count for 2 TRX within a “group of 4” signalling. In other words, 2 HR TRX require 64kbps of signalling.

one BTS with 12 TRX, 6 of them being “HR” and 6 being “FR”
8*128kbps + 3*64 + 2*64
2*64 because 3 groups of 2 HR TRX

3*64 because 2 groups of FR TRX : group 1 = 4 TRX, group 2 = 2 TRX.

I hope that helps… 🙂