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Reply To: Extended Cell with ALU


*** part 3 ***

– OMC forces the TS7 of the outer BCCH TRX to idle (interference purposes) – it is done by omcr, not by operator.

other rules:
EN_SYNCHRONISED_HO shall be set to disabled when CELL_TYPE is equal to “Extended inner” or “Extended outer”.
The frequency range of an extended inner cell has to be the same as the frequency range of the corresponding extended outer cell, where PGSM and EGSM are here considered as belonging to the same frequency range.
When cell_type = “extended outer”, then MAX_EGPRS_MCS should be less or equal to MCS-4
-When MIN_PDCH should be greater than 0 and cell_type = “extended inner” or “extended outer”, then MIN_PDCH shall be an even number