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Reply To: Extended Cell with ALU


*** part 2 ***

Once it is done, you should “pair” those two cells:
in one of the cells:
RNUSM > Edit cell > Cell information > Cell description
Mate Cell / LAC = the LAC of the “paired” cell.
Mate Cell / CI = the Cell ID of the paired cell.
As far as i know, you just do it for one of the cell, and the other will be updated accordingly.

You can also do the pairing during the cell’s creation.

One cell (extended inner) covers the range from 0 to 35 km and another cell (extended outer) covers the range from 35 to 70 km.

Some constraints:
– feature “extended cell” should be available in OMCR
– The extended cell supports only non-hopping TRXs
– the inner cell shall be barred (traffic will be sent from the outer cell automatically)
– same LAC
– same BSIC
– same RA
– GPRS should be configured in each cell (if you activate only in inner cell, then it won’t be activated automatically in outer cell)
– 2 different frequencies between both cells, of course. (incl. different BCCH)
– When inner outer extended cells are created in the PRC, operator must keep them locked in the PRC. He shall launch “unlock” command on both, only in the SC.
– BCCH and static SDCCH configuration must be the same for the inner and outer extended cell (incl. AG BLKS RES config…).