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Reply To: UL Level


so you mean RXLEV_UL = -90dBm and RXLEV_DL = -70dBm ?

here is a simplified link budget, for a cell with 6 TRX:
trx tx = 46dBm
2 * combiners = -9dB
feeder/antenna/radio loss = -100dB (as an example.)
–> RXLEV_DL = -63dBm

ms tx = 33dBm
feeder/antenna/radio loss = -100dB
ul diversity gain = +3dB
–> RLEV_UL = -64dBm

So for such cell, the UL and DL should be similar (assuming your trx-tx-power are around 46dBm).

Since you are seeing a big difference it’s either:
-bad path balance on at least one trx
– power control in UL but no in DL -> either you didn’t activate it , or there is a bad quality in DL therefore the TRX has to transmit stronger.