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Reply To: RTCH Allocation Prefer Bad TRX


Hi Segs,

There are more allocations on TRX3 (in your example), because there is a statistical effect. The allocations do start on TRX4, as before the problem. Let me explain:
If, before the problem, tch allocations split was:
trx1 = 100
trx2 = 300
trx3 = 400
trx4 = 400

after the problem, the TCH that are established in trx3 are dropped almost immediately. Therefore trx2 and trx1 are not geting their share anymore, the allocations are stuck in trx3:

trx1 = 0
trx2 = 0
trx3 = 1000
trx4 = 400

On top of that, the people are trying to make a new call if the 1st one was dropped quickly.