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Reply To: SFH 1*1 with ALU B10


Hi Mic

What version are you using ? we are in B10Ed02

1. Are you using DTX+AMR now.

only DTX_UL, no DTX_DL

–> we discovered some sites still using DTX_DL ! (eventhough parameters are disable@BSC)

2. If not then did you disabled both UL & DL DTX?

only DL_DTX (but there is also a pb with TFO+Twin+UL_DTX)

3. After Disabling what impact you found in KPI’s(DROP/HO/Qual)??

A raise in DL_Qual of about 10%, no impact on DC or HO, of course this is depending on the quality of your frequency planning

4.What trials you did to prove DTX+AMR did’nt work together in B10..

This is well know by any TAC ! (once again it depends on your BSS version) but you can set up a K18 traces