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Reply To: SFH 1*1 with ALU B10


ok, i’ll wait for your email, thanks !

regarding PC versus HO :
the UL LEV handover is triggered at -100dBm
while the UL PC “stops” at -87dBm.

I got good results with a delta of 6dB (UL HO = -100dBm, UL PC = -94dBm).
You are using a delta of 13dB, it’s way too conservative (IMHO). That could very well be the main reason for high UL Qual when using SFH.
Anyway, ajust the values by steps of 2dB only, you should see an impact very quickly (I hope it’ll be a positive impact !), without taking too much risk.
I would recommend adjusting the DL PC as well (decrease both L-rxlev-dl-p and U-rxlev-dl-p by steps of 2dB), especially if you didn’t ativate the DL DTX (i don’t know if you are in ed7 or not)