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Reply To: T3101 Timer expiry



having a sdcch channel fail % above 80% cannot be due to :
– coverage
– interference
– ghost rach (except when very low traffic)

IMO you have to focus on the hardware !
I don’t understand why they put the name “Abis” in Sdcch_abis_fail_call. Expiry of T3101 has very little to do with Abis ! Except, perhaps, congestion of the “radio signalling link” of this trx on the abis. Is this “RSL” congested ?

So hardware problem = you have to fix the BTS. By stopping frequency hopping (if activated) and changing the position of the SDCCH timeslot to another TRX, the problem should disappear. If not, try to put all SDCCH timeslots on the TRX BCCH only.

Then, let’s see what happens…
possible problems : faulty trx, crossed feeders or crossed mains…?