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Reply To: Selection & reselection


Hi Alex
For Ericsson
The quantity C1 is calculated as follows:
C1 = (received signal level – ACCMIN) – max(CCHPWR – P, 0)
ACCMIN is the cell parameter that indicates the minimum received signal
level at the MS required for accessing the system.
CCHPWR is the cell parameter that indicates the maximum transmitting
power that an MS is allowed to use when accessing the system.
P is the maximum power output of the MS according to its class.

C2 is calculated as follows:
C2 = C1 + CRO – TO * H ( PT – T ) for PT ¹ 31
C2 = C1 – CRO for PT = 31
where C1 is defined by Eq. 1,
if u want to increase the coverage u should do the following changes:

CRO = 4
PT = 31
ACCMIN = -104
CRH= 6