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Reply To: Repeated FACH/SACH


regarding the timers, I have no experience. increasing them might reduce the drops but will increase the congestion. Here are defaults values:

T3101 = 3s Supervision of the Immediate Assignment procedure.

T3103 = 16.5s Supervision of the Internal Handover procedure.

T3107 = 14s Supervision of the Assignment procedure.

T3109 = 12s Supervision of the Channel Release procedure.

T9113 = 20s Supervision of the External Handover procedure in the target BSC.

If you decrease, then you might reduce congestion but might increase drops and failures. And vice-versa. That would be a good trial to attempt.


About the RADIOLINK_REP_DL_SACCH = 14, the default value is 10.
When you set it back to 10, is the Call Drop Level % going down ?

That’s a weird behaviour… it should not!

What are your values for :

forget about REP_DL_SACCH_THRES (etc.) those parameters are statically set in the system. You cannot modify them. 3 and 10 are good values.