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Reply To: PS Assignment Failure ratio is high


Dear all,

Although Nowadays i don’t have any cell that has %100 PS assignment failure rate,
but a cell has high PS Assign. Failure rate every day changng from %30 to %50

Accourding to formula :

1- (The number of the PACKET_IMMEDIATE_ASSIGNMENT messages/The number of packet channel requests on CCCH)

in CELL-1 NACK for ps assignment message is “0”,

so i confused in here
if NACK for PS assign. message is 0 ,
accourding to formula PS failure rate needed to be 0 as well

Site has 3 Cells,
Cell 1 and 2 share the same EDAP pool,
Sector 3 has individual EDAP pool,

i have expected to have similar PS assignment problem for cell 2, which shares EDAP pool with cell 1,
Cell-2 does not have this kind of problem. i assume that problem is in the BTS side.

Could you please comment on this isuue ,

Here some additional information regarding to Cell
No Congestion On:
Control Channels
Gb link
Related Frame Relay has little congestion
EDAP has congestion but almost the same rate with other cells’
Default and dedicated GPRS values are the same for all cells.