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Reply To: Minimize interference using power contro



i’m not familiar with zte algo, so i’m just gonna comment on the very basic stuff:

POC Table:
Increase/Decrease Step size:0,

MsTxPwrMax:5,MsTxPwrMin:16 –> could you translate this in dBm ? 5 –> 33dBm ?? 16 –> ??? there is probably room for improvement here, so it is important we work on those.

BsTxPwrMin:10 –> how much power is it ? 10dB less than the max power ? or Tx power = 10dBm ?

Increase uplink level:22,Decrease uplink level:30 –> there is something to improve here. Try inc level = 25 and dec level = 15

Increase uplink quality:2,Decrease uplink quality:1 — try inc qual = 3, dec qual = 1
Increase downlink level:25, – ok
Decrease downlink level:35, – ok
Increase downlink quality:2, – try 3
Decrease downlink quality:1,
Px:3,Nx:4 – ok (i’m not familiar with those)