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Reply To: Minimize interference using power contro


Hi Pix,
Thanks for replying.UL Power control and DL power control is enabled.
POC Sampling,

PcUlLevWindow:6,Weight value:2,
PcDlLevWindow:6,Weight value:2,
PcUlQualWindow:6,Weight value:2,
PcDlQualWindow:6,Weight value:2,
Min interval of power control:2,2,2,2

POC Table:
Increase/Decrease Step size:0,
MsTxPwrMax:5,MsTxPwrMin:16,BsTxPwrMin:10,Increase uplink level:22,Decrease uplink level:30,Increase uplink quality:2,Decrease uplink quality:1,Increase downlink level:25,Decrease downlink level:35,Increase downlink quality:2,Decrease downlink quality:1,Px:3,Nx:4.