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Reply To: UL TBF request/ DL TBF request


Hi Pix,
Let see the statistics of 2 centers of our network ( which the same traffic for GPRS/EDGE) for example:
Center4 ( Huawei and Ecrisson equipment):
– Number of DL TBF Requests: 44,294,095
– Number of UL TBF Requests: 80,865,806
– Traffic: 289,651
– Traffic/TBF: 2.3142
– TBF UL/DL: 1.8256566

Center6: ( almost ALU equipment):
– Number of DL TBF Requests: 47,930,728
– Number of UL TBF Requests: 214,679,689
– Traffic: 242,707
– Traffic/TBF: 0.9242
– TBF UL/DL: 4.4789574

I’ve checked some other BSCs in detail and ALU UL/DL TBF is always from 4.5-5, why other BSCs belong to other vendor is much smaller. Do you think such a ratio should be considered? Our KPI is a bit less than other vendor, that’s why our customer ask : why too many TBF established why traffic is the same.