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Reply To: UL TBF request/ DL TBF request


hi blackhole,

i’m always interested in your questions, so thank YOU for posting your questions ! 🙂

at this point i think you need to post numerical examples of number of UL TBF and DL TBF in each network, at the same hour of the day (a typical rounded value is enough)
then check the average TBF duration, in ul and in dl (in Huawei and in ALU).
In which release of ALU are you? B10?

If you have such a big difference with Huawei, then I would suspect that there is more “core” signalling in ALU than in Huawei.

–> it might be interesting to check the amount of GMM/SM signalling on both networks. Could you check that with your NSS qoS colleagues?

Then I could help you investigate the “TBF delayed release” timers in ALU, and ensure they are set at the same values than in huawei… it might be tedious…