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Reply To: ALU: basic Abis nibbles


Good night time to everyone!
Good night, Pix!

Thank you for your kindly support and help! It’s indeed very noble of you.

Digging in GPRS, I feel that i’m putting together a difficult puzzle… because i collect information on particles…

i take advantage of your very kind offer to help and ask you a new question:

nobody from my colleagues knows how to check throught OMC-R the Combiner (ANC) mode – combined or non-combined (low loss). this simple question happens to be very very important for us.
the only way i have found untill now – is through HSDS Synthesis from RNUSM.The value in column MAX GMSK power shows us a MAX power of trx (in GMSK)- anc losses.
But now i would like to export such data for whole OMC, but i don’t know how to do that. Please, help if you can

thank you in advaneregards