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Reply To: Impact of BTS_Queue_length to 8(ALU)



it really depends on what is your formula for CDR. Did the actual number of call drops improved when you increased the queue length ?

I would expect to see an increase of SDCCH Drops, since the SDCCH is seized for a longer time (the MS in a queue is using a SDCCH channel during its whole queuing duration)

But an increase of CDR… that’s strange. The explanation about HO is not satisfying : whether there are 6 ppl in queue or 8 ppl in queue doesn’t change the fact that most cells are congested and cannot accept incoming HO.
(Handovers are not put in a queue, except for the external one (BSC to BSC) )

Whcih type of BSC are you using ? G2 or Mx ?