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Reply To: Extended UL TBF Mode



you are using a n00b keybo@rd, please get rid of it !

during extended mode, the MS is artificially kept active, and during this time, only signalling are exchanged between both parties.
1/ BTS sends USF to the MS, and once in a while (in improved extended mode) will send a PDAN with polling indication (I think it’s a PDAN packet dl ack/nack, but not sure anymore… it’s a DL msg anyway)
The Ms replies with an UL packet “dummy block”, which is counted as signalling.

When the MS is in a real UL transfer, the BTS sends USF in DL (it’s not a message, it’s just a flag in a DL PDTCH), and the MS will send REAL data in UL. So there is not much signalling involved here.

Rex >> Yes, good info 🙂