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Reply To: Samsung mobiles can get only 1+1 TS!!


hi pawa,

I don’t see any ticket regarding samsung mobiles specifically.
But i know about some conditions in which a MS is granted only 1 PDCH per TBF.
Do you notice congestion on the Ater or Abis interfaces ?
-> Check “GCH deficit” per “BTS” (choose object mode = BTS in the NPO)
-> check busy GCH per Ater (object = Ater, or GPU)
-> What about in the MFS ? check DSP load and PMU power budget (per GPU) ?
What is the value of this parameter : Ater_Usage_Threshold_Short_Data

But if you tested other MS at the exact same time and they didn’t show this behaviour, then it is very probable that there is a problem with samsung MS… but it’s not possible to distinguish different types of MS and allocate only a certain number of PDCH…
Did you activate the PFC ?

What about

A possibility is that the Samsung MS are establishing TBF with the one-phase access method, but the MFS does not get their real multislot class !
The RA CAP UPDATE might help.


The problem could also come from the SGSN, that is not sending the right multislot class to the MFS for those MS. (the SGSN is the one telling the MFS what is the multislot class in case of DL TBF)