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Reply To: Wrong GPRS Throughput Indicator(Alcatel)


Thanx Pix for your quick response.We have B-10 in the network. I have already checked the counter level stats and I see high values for data volume(bytes) for CS4 resulting in high Throughput.But how can we be sure that the value reported for data transferred is correct or not? Secondly, I seriously doubt the reliability of Alcatel Throughput Formula for both GPRS/EGPRS(per TBF and even per cell). In our network, normally we get very good throughput from Drive Test(above 100Kbps) but no BSC is exceeding 40Kbps EGPRS Throughput per TBF which is very strange. Note that as per our investigations, same behaviour is being observed in other Alcatel Networks. I can confirm that there is no limitation from any interface point of view.We have already done expansions for Abis,PS Atermux,Gb interfaces and tried almost all Radio Features aswell but to no avail.So,authenticity of this indicator is quite doubtful(I personally believe that in the formula,there is some problem with the denominator(observation period)!