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Reply To: Microcell parameters for ALU B10


Hi Pix,

First i clear few point for your reference.
1. There are two sectors in a Site(IBS)A & B.
2.BTS used is MBI5.
3.For Sector A KPIs are as follows average for 7 days with operator thresholds.
SD Drop-0.2(threshold 0.3) OK.
TCH Drop-0.7(threshold 0.3)Not Ok.
Incoming HO-97 (threshold 99)Not Ok.
Outgoing HO-99 (threshold 99) Ok
HO Due to UPlink Quality-6.4(threshold 3) Not ok
HO Due to downlink Quality-5.6(threshold 3) Not ok.
And also there is no Sd or TCH blocking in this Sector A.

Now we come on Sector B.
In this sector all the KPIs are under threshold except Handover due to Uplink Quality % is very high if u asked % wise then its 60% average and if number wise then there is 15-20 sample average.

And i also check all trx in sector B by changes pref mark,but uplink quality handover % still very high.And also i reset the whole BTS.

Hope things were clear for you.