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Reply To: Microcell parameters for ALU B10


hi mannu,

Since when do you have interference in UL ? Since forever ? Or since a specific date ?

When you swapped the two cells, does the problem occur on the same “physical sector” than before, or on the same “logical cell” than before ?

If same physical sector – then you have a HW issue with the micro BTS. Check feeder connection and try to make a full restart of the BTS.

If same logical cell – then you do have a configuration problem, probably due to frequencies. Could you swap frequencies from one cell to the other one?

For each cell :
* What is the HO UL Qual % in each cell ? (busy hour value)

* how much is the TCH erlang BH traffic ?

* how much is the “idle channel interference” ?

* how much is the average timing advance ? (in NPO Indicator family – Radio Measurements -)