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Reply To: Microcell parameters for ALU B10


hi ian,

ping pong between micro and macro…

micro to macro : those are emergency handovers, so i guess your signal quality in the micro cell is very bad.

macro to micro : those are capture ho, the MS is sent to the micro cell because the rxlev of the microcell is good enough.
what is your setting of L_RXLEV_CPT_HO(macro, micro) ?

The anti ping pong timer is calle T_INHIBIT_CPT. Tune it to a high value in the macro cell (about 40s).It will prevent the capture ho from macro to micro AFTER the MS did a QUALITY HO from micro to macro.

The main issue seems to be bad quality in the microcell, perhaps your capture ho is done too early.
L_RXLEV_CPT_HO(macro, micro) ?
A_PBGT_HO(macro) ?
H_min_dwell_time(macro) ?