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Hello. Pix!

Thanks a lot for your answer, but I have some more questions 🙂 if you please 🙂
About 1000 TCH – do you mean that the processing capacity of ccp is 1000 simultaneous connections (HR or FR) ?

And max number of TCH during the busy hour – hmmm….I can’t find a counter or indicator which could show us exactly such thing… We need max number of simultaneously connections (in FR or HR) – something like this I think… but all I’ve found – RTCH_assignment per hour or max numb of simultaneously busy CS_TS (MC29a)….

And the most important question – what happened??? Did MX BSCs mutated and now trx allocation is not static anymore (as we all had believed) ? 🙂
You know something….


Once again – many thanks, dear Pix!
Best regards. lily