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Reply To: Low availability


hi oO;

low availability is due to hardware resources that are installed but NOT available.
In other words, for example, the TRX is installed in the BTS, but it is locked or down. The operational state or the administrative state of the TRX prevents it to handle traffic. The availability of this TRX = 0%

In your scenario, one sector is responsible for a failure in all other sectors.
– is there enough power to feed the whole BTS, when all sectors are up ?
– double-check how this new sector is defined in the BTS and in the Abis.
– to investigate further :
How are the TRXs appearing on your supervision screen ? Which TRXs are not available ? Is it an operational failure or an administrative problem ?
—–>>>> Which are the alarms raised ?

1/ lock an “old” sector
2/ unlock the new sector
–> what happens ?

3/ erase all sectors and reconfigure your BTS from scratch

if you still have a problem, try swapping TRXs between different sectors,from new sector to old sectors. Maybe you’ll see one faulty TRX that is making the BTS go crazy.