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Hi Pix,
As you know A-flex can be implemented in MGW or BSS anyhow BSS will see just on MSS with one SPC. you know we have One pool with 20,000,000 subscribers!!! what a big amount of LAI or CGI should be defined in MSS in pool , ops just wasting of time – But really MSS in pool has improved our KPI , like as PSR.
I see cause code as any reason which ends the call,Normally or Abnormally. IN BICC, ISUP it comes up with RELEASE.Here is another definition:
The call control signaling of each type of protocol (such as ISUP, BICC, and SIP) defines its own failure cause codes. The device at one end generates a failure cause code and sends it to the device at the other end through signaling. Then the connection to the device at the other end is affected greatly.

By the way Nokia and Ericsson guys consider it as End of selection(EOS) – Huawei: Failure Cause Code (CV) 🙂