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Reply To: SCR more Improvement

Shekhar Rawal : +91-9351055533

Hi All,

This is for Sharing Purpose :

In our Network We have improved SCR by good Percentage(98.81 to 99.50 in one Node having less SCR).

RCA : Huge Error Count : 166_Network Error & 169_Temporary Error are decreased by following Action Plans :

Major Improvement happened by Changing Some Timer at IN end ,Analysis done on the basis of Traces Captured.

Rest Things done for Improvement are :

->All SLC TS are blocked to get rid off from un-necessary attempts/Context losses
->Reset on TDM CIC / BICC CICs done.
->Reset of SS7 Links/M3UA Links.
->Some Hardware Change overs on which major Count of Call Loss observed.
->IPBCP Timer (b/w MSS & MGW) Value increased for all ADD REQ/ADD REPLY.
->Level routing & Tone Audit done based discrepancies removed (Also will improve ASR).

Also you have to check these Errors responsible for SCR Calculation :

•CAUSE016 – temporary failure
•CAUSE027-Switch equipment failure
•CAUSE061 – no CR resource
•CAUSE062 – no CCB resource
•CAUSE166 – network error
•CAUSE169 – temporary error
•CAUSE170 – device congestion
•CAUSE201 – IWF resource unavailable