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Reply To: TCH allocation pre-conditions


Thanks Atto,

That’s what i am supposing about the behavior of BSC. BSC can “estimate” about the rxlevel of 1800 based on the rxlevel of 900.

Of course this guess is based on calculations but still it is a guess.

Actually i am thinking of doing one change in few of my cells, where I have more traffic load in the near zone of cell, then comes the fields in between, and then comes a village( i.e. population again)

That is if traverse from BTS to one direction we have

BTS(cell)…………population…………filelds………………………..population again

The configuration of cell is 6 TRX( 4 of 900 and 2 of 1800)

Tx pwr of TRX900 is 47 dBm
Tx pwr of TRX1800 is 45 dBm

The 1800 is combiner bypass while 900 is with combiner.

I want to make it as 2 +4 ( 2 TRX of 900 and 4 TRX of 1800)
The picture will be reverse now i.e.
900 without combiner and 1800 with combiner.

This will yield a picture( i can’t draw here) where we will be having 900 coverage circle more than the 1800 coverage circle.

I wish if i can force the traffic in the inner circle( the overlapping zone of 1800 & 900) to 1800 while the traffic on the outer circle to 900.

In this way i will have the advantage of capacity plus coverage both.

But the thought of mind is

Do we have such type of feature in BSC’s where we can make the BSC to allot a preferred TCH on the basis of TA computed from RACH?

If at all, no such parameter exists with any vendor as of now, then

What do you suggest as an alternate.