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Reply To: Activation TFO


Hi Pix,

Stangely no, we are allowing HR but most of the calls are FR (about 90%)

Yes we have TFO everywhere.

Stangely with TFO_OPT activated, it process Intra_Cell i believe to find the right match and therefore 20% of TFO success (cause 29 Rate of TCHs assigned in the serving cell for which TFO has been successfully established)

When TFO_OPT disable, there is ZERO Intracell and only 2% of TFO_success.

Does it mean that MS needs to process Intracell to find the right codec, unless without TFO_OPT, it won’t be able to match Codecs ?

This is strange and i dont really have the details of the Algorithm, i’m curious.