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Reply To: Activation TFO



ok, so if you have a lot of HR, the OPT will mess things up. You’re better without it.

I believe the RTCH allocated is taking into account HO INTRACELL success. Since you have much less intra HO, the whole KPI decreases.

only 2% of TFO is not that much… have you activated TFO in your whole network ?
TFO wuold only work for calls from MS to MS within your own PLMN. If other operators in your country activate it as well, then the KPI will increase.
This KPI tells you that you have only 2% of calls from MS to MS, within TFO-enabled zones.

There is a second restriction : if one MS is in HR and the other is in FR in a cell that cannot support HR, then TFO can’t be activated.
Do you have cells where HR is not allowed ?