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Reply To: No call attemt


first consider these procedure for mSa calls Msb under same MSC
1.Setup (BSSmsa to MSC)
2.SRI (MSC to HLR)
3.PRN (HLR to MSC )
4.Call proceeding (MSC to BssmSa)
5.Paging (msc to MSb)
7.Setup (msc to bsc b)
8.Call confirmed\
MS operates in two modes: idle mode and dedicated mode. Cell reselection is performed as MS traverses through a network in idle mode. in dedicated mode it is called Handover. So reselection here means in IDeal and should not be considered. B can not be paged ! may be due to CFN but anyhow you receive release lets think it is not due to CFN.
try to find out in which step you face with problem if you are @ BSS make sure whthere BSC receive Call proceeding message or not. This issues can be followed up by step 1 to 7, each step has it own way.
call release with cause code Noraml can be mapped by many abnormal casesed in BSS side, for example if B can’t be given radio or radio interfrence msc would release call with
cause code Noraml. with what being said , Put two numbers in core trace , very easily you will find problem 😉