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Reply To: ALU Paging on MFS



if you are using the Gs interface, the P53b should not be empty !! That is the whole purpose of the Gs interface…

anyway, in B10, you have access to the MC925a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h… and MC930. Have a look.

What you see at BSC level is the SUM of the pagings of all cells in the BSC. In other words, those are pagings sent on all Abis interfaces.
It does not reflect the number of pagings RECEIVED on A interface, which is what matters. If there are 300 cells in BSC, and 2 LACs (LAC 1 and LAC 2), then everytime the BSC receives one paging for LAC1 and one paging for LAC2, it sends 300 pagings towards the cells.

2 pagings received by the BSC = 300 pagings sent by BSC = 1 paging received by each cell in the LAC.