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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate


Hi Pix!
Sorry for my molestation but i don’t know other person who can help us 🙂 please 🙂

New question:
– Is it a SUB value for UL FER that we can see in NPO?

I can’t find a precise information about this in the description of the indicator “RMS_UL_ConsecutiveFrameErasure” – just common info…
i think it should be a SUB value but i’m not confident in my assumptions.

and the second question:
I read one pretty thing:
“Rel’99 specification includes the enhanced measurement report,
which together with other enhancements brings the DL FER reporting. With this enhancement,
terminals will report DL FER, thus permitting the network to generate DL FER
statistics based on these reports. The FER performance data presented in this section have
been collected through drive tests”

I saw parameter EN_EXT_MEAS_REP in OMC-R… we use B10 – so… if i set it to ENABLE – will i get desired data? :)))

Best regerds, Pawa