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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate


hi pawa,

the number of gprs users in one cell is theoretically very high.
what you can do is limit the number of TBF per PDCH (= number of gprs users per timeslot)
and also the number of PDCH per cell.

If I set 10 PDCH and 5 DL TBF / PDCH (case a)
And then later I go for 8 PDCH and 2 DL TBF / PDCH (case b)

that will limit the total amount of gprs users

(note: 1 user should get 3 or 4 PDCH per TBF)

but there is no “static” limit.
in case (a) you could expect about 15 users simultaneously, or more. (peak = 50)
in case (b, expect 3 to 5 users simultaneously. (peak = 16)
but that’s really not how you should start your gprs dimensioning. You should think in terms of throughput rather than the number of users.