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Reply To: Intra cell HO failures!!


Hi all,
Thanks for the info.
We are using Moto.
900 MHz band and no zone division.
Causes of HO:
>65% PBGT
About 23% dur to DL & UL qual.
For UL qual.
All these are town cells so no rxlev issues in vicinity.
i have played with max retrans (4 to 2), ms max power (39 to 33), rach min acc lev (-105 to -100/-98) & T3122>T3126 timers for retrans reduction but of no use at all.
Traffic shifting to other cells also did not help much.
How can I check the failures specific to FR to HR & HR to FR intra cell HO(s)? There is no counter in my knowledge which gives seperate segregation against the same. There is no cong, traffic is less than 80% fr capacity & TCH availability is high enough (as required).
Pls help further.