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Reply To: No HO command at Layer 3



that’s typical from nss guys ! it is a behaviour they must learn during their trainings…

you : “hey guys, there is a problem in your MSC’s definitions !”

them : “no no, we checked everything already, it’s all good”

you : “oh ok, nevermind then. you sure it can’t be a wrong LAC definition ?”

them : “no, no, don’t worry, all is fine”

2 days later, spending nights checking your BSS:

you : “hey, guys, it’s working now, have you changed anything ?”

them : “yeah, there was a little mistake in a LAC definition, but don’t worry, now it is fixed. You must not worry about this”

you : “GRRRRRR” (you become a werewolf and eat them alive)

again, i don’t want to be a wise a$$, but it is always the same scenario, over and over, all over the world.