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Reply To: MC02d – ALU, help, please!

pix & its burning throat

hi !

my last message was erased… booh.
so here is a summary, I hope you don’t mind the short sentences… It’s because I’ve a bad headache and throat-ache:

1/ if MC02d increases, your formula (MC148 – MC02a)/ (MC01 + MC02 – MC964) should DECREASE. Could you explain why it should increase ?

2/ it’s great to see the technical teams doing the extra-work to prove that huawei is not so superior to other vendors. I hope your management will show some appreciation…
Of course I would love to see your results : the formulas you suggest, the numerical comparisons, etc. If you feel like sharing, please send them to
pix_erlang *at* yahoo *dot* com

3/ the follow-on might lead to a TCH assignement, but it could also lead to sending a SMS or doing some supplementary services. Have you located in which 3GPP ref this is explained ? It might be a possibility that the follow-on leads to a TBF establishment – to be verified…-

4/ can you trace one of those faulty MS, on Abis or A interface? Check what is the message that is sent after the LU is accepted. If there is no follow on, then the SDCCH is released. If there is a follow-on, then after LU Accept, you should see other messages on the SDCCH/RSL/N7 timeslots.

I agree with you, it is probably faulty MS, but it’s good to find the proof. And the proof lies in the traces…

pix (the sick old man…)