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Reply To: MC02d – ALU, help, please!


Hello, mr. Pix!
Thanx you very much for your help!
But I’m confused a little because of definition of for example counter MC964:

“Number of valid 48.058 CHANNEL REQUIRED message, received by the BSC, indicating the location update in their “establishment cause”. MC964 is incremented to one whenever the “RA” octet (Octet 2 of Request Reference IE) of valid 48.058 CHANNEL REQUIRED equals to “000xxxxx (Location updating and the network does not set NECI bit to 1)”. 

From here it looks like the BSC should know if it get a CHN_REQRD with cause “locating update is needed”. What do you think?
and what does it mean “”Request Reference IE””? is it a “”IE Name Request Reference
“” in that message i listed in previous post? so it is 00010011

I think i’ll collect trace in night – when there are no real subscribers’ calls (very little at least), only our “unusual” MC02d requests. i thinnk it will be easier to analyze. Is it correct?

oh, just one more thing – this cell i want to investigate locates deep inside of LAC zone not next to LACzone boundary.all neighbours have the same LAC. so why do we see so many Loc Up requests??

Many thankex again

BR, Denis