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Reply To: MC02d – ALU, help, please!


Thanx for quick reply, mr. Pix!

Actually, i have some cells where MC02d >> MC02a (but one is outstanding!!! and MC02d equal ~150-180/per hour by cell).
ANd it’s not a temporary situation i am watching it for a month at least.
i’m not satisfied because
Imm_Ass = (MC02 + MC01 – MC02a)/(MC04 + MC148 – MC964)

and for this cell it equals ~ 150%!
so Call Setup Successful Rate is also > 100%
excellent of course :)s
but i’m going to understand all this stuff 🙂
despite of that i don’t know right now how to investigate the problem

i will be very very grateful fo your futher help
once – million of thanks again!