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Reply To: high number Immediate Assignments


hello water,

since you have done traces, could you please check what is the content of the immediate assignments ? To which Channel request do they refer ?

1 Channel request = Establishment Cause + Random Number
1 Immediate Assignment = SDCCH info +
the same Random Number as the ch req it is replying to.

when the BSC receives 1 CH REQ, it replies with only 1 Imm. Assg. So your situation is very weird !

What you see in NEMO is all the immediate assignments of the cell, those are not all targeting your MS only ! All imm assg are sent on the AGCH, which is a common channel heard by all MS.

Could you please share the exact values of the indicators:
CSSR = ?
Radom Access Failure % ?
SDCCH Assignment Failure % ?
SDCCH Congestion % ?
TCH Assignment Failure %
TCH Congestion %
SDCCH Drop %
Just to avoid any ambiguity :
Those indicators should come from your QoS tool, not from NEMO.

Thank you