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LU – Part 2

The BTS confirms that a LAPDm connection was established by sending an UA message, which repeats the LOC_UPD_REQ.

The BTS passes LOC_UPD_REQ to the BSC. Although this is a transparent MM message, the BSC still processes the LOC_UPD_REQ in parts, because the BSC amongst others, requires the Mobile Station Classmark information. The BSC packs LOC_UPD_REQ, together with the current LAC, and CI into a CL3I message (Attention: the LOC_UPD_REQ from the MS contains the old LAC!) and then sends this within a SCCP CR
message to the MSC. The CR message carries not only the LOC_UPD_REQ to the MSC, but also requests establishment of an SCCP connection.

If the MSC is able to provide the requested SCCP connection,then the CR is answered with a CC. A logical connection from the MS to the MSC/VLR exists from this point in time on. The MSC/VLR answers the LOC_UPD_REQ with an AUTH_REQ This message is conveyed to the BSC via the established SCCP connection.

BSC and BTS transparently forward the AUTH_REQ to the MS. Most important content is the random number parameter (RAND). The MS (more precisely the SIM) calculates the result SRES by feeding RAND and Kj into the algorithm A3, then transparently sends SRES in an AUTH_RSP message to the MSC/VLR. The VLR compares SRES with the value provided by the HLR.