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Reply To: Location Updates


LU – Part 1

The MS requests a control channel from the BSC. The BTS decodes the CHAN_REQ, calculates the distance MS«BTS (timing advance), and forwards all this information to the BSC. Please note that the CHAN_REQ already indicates which service the MS requests (Location Update, in this case).

After the CHAN_RQD is received and processed, the BSC informs the BTS which channel type and channel number shall be reserved (CHAN_ACT).

The BTS confirms with a CHAN_ACT_ACK that it received and processed the CHAN_ACT.

The BSC sends the IMM_ASS_CMD, which activates the previously reserved channel. The BTS sends this information over an AGCH to the MS. The MS finds “its” IMM_ASS_CMD by means of the request reference, which is already contained in the CHAN_REQ.

Layer 2, the LAPDm connection is activated only now. The MS sends a SABM to the BTS, which (differently from LAPD) already contains data (LOC_UPD_REQ in this case).