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Reply To: MCS Usage & Transmission Resources


Dear Pix,
I have another query in this regard. Does multiplexing in Radio Interface(radio TS) decrease the throughput(provided that the transmission resources are the same)? I mean take 2 different cases for MS having Multislot class(4+1).

Case 1: 2 MS are multiplexed on the same 4 PDCH(say Max_PDCH=4) but have full transmission resources(nb of GCH=5,MCS9)

Case 2: 2 MS allocated different PDCH(no multiplexing on radio interface Max_PDCH>=8) and having full transmission resources aswell(nb of GCH=5,MCS9).

Now will the throughput experienced by both the MS be the same in both the cases or will it be less for Case 1. If less then why?
Thanx and Regards