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Reply To: huawei intra cell


Hi Suresh.
I was on vacation,so couldn’t reply earlier.

HO control switch determines whether HO algorithm 1 or 2 is used.

The parameter “Intracell HO Allowed
” in Basic HO parameters controls the intracell HO.

An intracell HO takes place when either UL signal quality or the DL signal quality exceeds the BQ handover threshold,then If there is no neighbor cell, Intracell HO Allowed is set to Yes, and the serving cell is not
in intra-cell handover penalty state, then intracell HO occurs. A channel with different frequency band, different frequencies set, different TRX, or different timeslot
is preferred (priority: different frequency band > different frequencies set > different TRX
> different timeslot).

This is OK as as for the same Bit rate AMR FR is more robust than AMR HR,so,for higher C/I we can go for AMR HR & as the C/I decreases AMR FR is preferred.