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Reply To: Query on count of CSSR


Hi Sarada Prasanna,

I have a little experience about Motorola equipment so i can share with you.

1, Some cells have CSSR are more than 100% due to:
In Motorola system have handover SDCCH. You can check on database of site.
If SDCCH_ho is enable then CSSR may be more than 100%. The problem happens when an SDCCH handover occurs during a call set-up attempt. “This causes the call set-up success rate on the source cell to report low and the call set-up success rate on the target cell to report high. This is due to the OK_ACC_PROC call attempt statistic [call set-up success rate denominator] pegging on the source cell with the TOTAL_CALLS call success statistic [call set-up success rate numerator] pegging on the target cell. The source cell ends up with a call attempt but no success and the target cell ends up with a call success but no attempt.”

2. If TCH no block but CSSR is still poor. Can you check with MSC for investigating proplem.