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Reply To: GSM repeaters


thank you for quick answer 🙂

I calculated isolation between donor and service antenna, so there should be no problem.

What would happen if those two signals are similar level. For example let’s look at the parking in front of building. Signal from repeater is very strong inside building (let’s say -60dBm), but weaken as it goes out. So signal from repeater outside the building is -85dBm. On the same spot outside building, signal from donor BTS is also -85dBm. What will happen? Theoreticaly, signal from mobile station would go to repeater, and to BTS at the same time.

If I understood you corectly, the delay in repeater is too great, so that signal should be dismissed at the BTS, because the one that goes directly is “faster”.

That sounds OK, even I had similar conclusion. But time advance is what is confusing me. Because repeater have time delay, there should be time advance that is greater than it should be without repeater. So to BTS mobile station seems further that it really is (this is my consideration, it must not be right). Should I expect problems like: mobile station is on parking outside of building, connected to BTS directly, but have time advance that is calculated when the mobile station were on the repeater?