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Reply To: ALU Drop Radio


dear Pix,

My network is using FSH 1×3, not BBH, only few sites are using BBH (outside inner city).

Well, as we know, FSH means that the frequency which will not be hoped is only the BCCH frequency, which mean it’s located in TRX-1 (Usually). Other TRXs (2,3,4), the frequencies are hoped (Each of TRX 2,3,4 has different MALIST).

In my network, sector 1 & 3 will be hoped periodically based on MAIO 0,2,4 and sector 2 MAIO 1,3,5.

Your explanations is related to BBH, if I’m not wrong 🙂 But my case is in FSH (Frequency Synthesize Hopping).

Based on my experience, if I extend MALIST by adding some frequecny channel from BCCH range Frequency and change the MAIO, it improved the performance (SD Drops, Drop Call). And even though like that (Putting BCCH frequency in MALIST),it seems no inner interference happened. It’s true, you can try it.

Any idea Pix?

By the way, if you are from France, it seems that you graduated from ALCATEL University :):):)