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Reply To: ALU Drop Radio


hi aks,
what more do you want to know ? frequency hopping creates frequency diversity which fight fast fading.

i don’t understand the second part of your message.
you increase the MAlist, which now includes all the BCCH arfcn as well. what happened to your BCCH ?
I assume you are now doing BBH ? But in this case the MAlist should contain only 4 frequencies…
So I need you to clarify…

Regarding the MAIO, you can just keep doing:
xxxxxx TRX 1 2 3 4
sect1 MAIO 0 2 4 6
sect2 MAIO 1 3 5 7
sect3 MAIO 0 2 4 6

And it will work fine, with your new Malist.
But again, I’m not sure I understood you correctly. I never talked about MAIO in mly previous post…