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Reply To: trgput kbps / tbf>kbps / pdch



please, join in !
1/ yes, correct!

2/ well, your computation is correct BUT why not take into account the bonus nibbles ???
in a 4/4/6 BTS, you would have 3 BCCH + 7 SDCCH, that’s 10 bonus nibbles !
Just for clarification :
– Extra & Bonus nibbles are shareable at BTS level.
– Basc nibbles are shareable only within the same cell.

3/ “sub-“optimal allocations are possible, of course. The MFS will try to allocate as many PDCH as possible (up to the multislot class limit). But if it can’t then it will allocate less. The MS is able to support those sub-optimal configurations. It can even support PDCH configurations with holes. example : the MS gets (PDCH 1 + PDCH 2 + PDCH 4) while the Timeslot 3 is used for somebody else.