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Reply To: trgput kbps / tbf>kbps / pdch


Dear Pix,

1. According to 1 TBF for one user, then if we set MAX_UL_TBF_per_SPDCH =4, then in 1 PDCH can be used up to 4 users right (in high PDCH Utilization at that time)?
So if user A has 20% of time at rate 30kbps, user B has 30% of time at 40 kbps, user C has 30%of time at rate 60 kbps, and the last user D has 20% at rate 50 kbps, then the PDCH throughput would be ==> (0.20*30 kbps + 0.3*40kbps + 0.3*60kbps +0.20*50)
==> 6 kbps + 12 kbps + 18 kbps + 10 kbps = 46 kbps. But for the TBF throughput of each user is : user A has TBF throughput 6 kbps, User B 12 kbps, User C 18 kbps, user D 10 kbps.
The average TBF troughput would be 46 kbps/4=11.5 kbps.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

2. Then, if we set MAX_PDCH_per_TBF=5, it means that 1 user can have PDCH timeslot up to 5 PDCHs.Well, i guess that this condition could be reached when there are still many idle PDCHs (no high PDCH utilization at that time).
Then if the rate is 50 kbps at each, then that user can have TBF throughput 250 kbps, but the PDCH only 50 kbps. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

3. Well, I’m actually a little bit confused. You stated :”The TBF is the group of PDCHs allocated to one user”. But you gave an example “If 2 users are sharing one PDCH”. Does it mean that in that 1 PDCH, there are 2 TBFs (1 user 1 TBF) ?

From my understanding, and based on ALU parameters, it means that 1 TBF can have many PDCHs (no.2) and 1 PDCH can have many TBF (no.1).

Feel free to discus Pix, I would be grateful to know your response.

Anyway, thank you so much:)

Please help me to answer no 1 and 2, I’m asked by my boss to count how many users (max) can be allocated in 1 BTS/Cells.